Tapping into her radio skills, Sue has been working towards using those talents by creating a new podcast.  Early 2019 she will be launching:

Island of Discarded Women – A tropical scrap heap of hopes and dreams

What if there was a place inhabited by determined women who are working to reclaim their self-worth and celebrate their strengths after being dismissed or discounted by societal norms and gender road blocks?

There is such a place!

Mixing radio theater satire, original songs and inspiring conversations with women who share their personal stories, Island of Discarded Women delves into what it takes for us to reawaken our power after feeling tossed aside, swept under the rug or deleted.

Veteran radio actor Sue Scott, having been “put out to pasture,” has just washed up on the island. Dazed and confused, she sets out on a mission to discover what this island is all about, why all these amazing women are here and ultimately, what’s next.


Below is the latest episode, Episode #2, of this podcast! Y’all take a listen! And stay tuned for more episodes!

Up Next

The episode of our live taping of, Island of Discarded Women at the TWIN CITIES WOMEN’S EXPO is here!

Our all female cast was terrific! The original songs written and performed by the adorable Zippy Laske were amazing! Sue’s conversation with her very special guest, the inspiring and world renown explorer, Ann Bancroft was both delightful and engaging!

Listen to Episode #2 – The Pitch above, at our IODW website: OR on Soundcloud  


The Making of a Podcast

Music Rehearsal
Paula Poundstone
Script Read Through
Wine Bar Audience
Roxane Battle
Recording Washing up scene

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